Hard Lump Around The Anus and Swelling

Hard lumps or bumps around the anus is a common symptom of external hemorrhoids. The lump can also be in the form of a painful swelling.  The cyst around the anus is usually formed due to a blood clot or swollen blood vessel.  Doctors usually refer to this lump as "external hemorrhoids".

When the external hemorrhoids gets strangulated then it may form a blood clot which can give rise to a a very painful solid lump around the a n u s. This condition is known as thrombosed hemorrhoids.

If you have a bump around the anus, which is  growing and is also very painful then it could be External Hermorrhoids.

However there are other possible causes too. It could be an abscess too. You should not ignore this condition and must get examined by a physician immediately.

Doctors can do a digital rectal exam and easily ascertain the exact cause of the swelling. These conditions are treatable and the earlier they are diagnosed the easier and faster the treatment.

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